Kilvrough Day 2

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Day two in beautiful South Wales and we’re pleased to report that the weather was really kind to us today – at one point it went nearly half an hour without raining!

Two groups went on a waterfall walk, both showing great resilience on a challenging trek (one particular bog threatened to swallow several pairs of wellies… and children!) but with fantastic views of rivers and a brilliant experience walking behind a raging waterfall, it was well worth it.

The other two groups tried their hand at canoeing, where everyone had lots of fun trying to jump across canoes and racing one another. We’re not quite at Olympic standard yet but with a growth mindset we may get there one day!

Everyone is eating really well and we all thoroughly enjoyed the pasta bake. Many ended up having seconds as they realise just how important it is to keep up their energy levels during a very active week.

We changed the evening activity to an indoor one to save another set of waterproofs being used (did we mention it had rained a bit?) and groups took part in problem solving. The adults were particularly impressed with the leadership and cooperation skills of so many children during these sessions. Children were asleep earlier than last night, a trend all of the adults hope will continue throughout the week.

Tomorrow will involve the other two groups going canoeing and the first two groups trying their hand at climbing and bouldering. We can’t wait to get stuck in again!