Kilvrough Day 3

We were treated to astonishing 30-degree heat and glorious sunshine on Wednesday morning with not a cloud in the sky… before we were woken from our dreams by the wind and rain at Kilvrough Manor. Spirits are still high, though, and staff have been impressed by the resilience and determination shown by all of the children.

Delicious croissants (or toast) at breakfast were followed by a day of either canoeing or rock climbing. The rain didn’t bother the canoeists as many of us doing it for the first time came out of the learning dip and began to master the art of rowing (and teamwork and cooperation with someone they wouldn’t normally choose to work with). Most children (if they hadn’t already fallen in by accident) decided to jump in afterwards, including Miss Davies, Miss Flude and – rather reluctantly – Mr Baish. For the record, the water was very, very cold.

Chicken (or veggie sausages) and vegetables for dinner was followers by an evening of very energetic orienteering. We’re quite perplexed as to how the children have still got so much energy! It was also another relatively silent night, with the boys falling asleep earlier than the girls for a third night running. Well done, boys!

For our final full day, children will be either climbing or caving (or a waterfall walk if the rain doesn’t hold off). This evening, children will experience the joy of re-packing their bags with crusty and muddy clothes, before visiting the shop and dancing the night away in the disco (or until 8.30 anyway…). Mrs Varley is particularly excited about having the chance to throw some shapes.

Not too many children have mentioned home yet which must be a good sign that they’re enjoying themselves. Here’s to a great last full day!