Kilvrough Day 4&5

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Yesterday, we were treated to one of nature’s most stunning sights; a huge burning orb could be seen clearly in the blue (yes, blue) sky, shining brightly for most of the day. We learned that it was called the sun, and was welcomed by all for our final full day of activities!


Two groups went abseiling, climbing and scrambling (climbing over and under rocks on the beach). This was a real challenge for a lot of children but we were so proud yet again of their determination to give it a go and overcome their fears. The reactions of some of the group once they’d achieved this was lovely to see.


The other two groups went for a waterfall walk as the water levels were unfortunately still too high in the caves. It was a great experience  for them in spite of a long walk. Never had a shower felt so good afterwards!


In the evening, children had the option of going to the disco (it was incredible just how quickly a bedroom can go from messy to spotless with the lure of a disco afterwards…) or just chilling and colouring. We shared our highs of the week as a group and had another relatively calm and peaceful night.


Today we’re heading to the beach to do some rock pooling and beach art, before heading back onto the coach at 3 for an expected 6.50 pm return. We’re looking forward to having Mrs Ratcliffe join us shortly.


We’ll be bringing back some tired children but a group which all staff have commented have matured a great deal in the matter of just a few days. We’re very proud of Year 6 at Kilvrough 2017 and know we’ll have some very proud parents waiting to pick them up in a few hours’ time!