Kilvrough Update

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Parents of Year 6

Who knew that South Wales in November could be rainy? It’s been pouring down almost non-stop since Year Six arrived at Kilvrough at 12pm yesterday, but it certainly hasn’t dampened our spirits as we’ve all had a great time so far!

After we had some lovely soup and sorted our rooms out (and all successfully put our bed sheets on), we went outside in groups to have a go at some team bonding; we tried a range of obstacle courses, all of which had the same end result: lots of mud and lots of laughter!

A delicious meal of chicken tikka masala was followed by a wet walk in the dark to a nearby castle ruins, where we took these rather cool and arty photos!

Today we’ll either be walking behind a waterfall or canoeing, and in the evening we’ll be taking part in some quite competitive orienteering. We’re all looking forward to another exciting and eventful day!

Mr Baish