homepage-messageAll children will have belief in themselves and will be inspired to learn. They will know and understand what they need to do next so that they achieve excellence

We ensure:

• High expectations and challenge for all children

• Passion and enthusiasm

• Purpose – real and relevant with links to the topic and end product

• Effective differentiation that ensures all children achieve excellence

• Good learning for all through:

  • 100% learning 100% of the time
  • Less teacher talk/ Less whole class time
  • Effective use of teacher time – effective lesson design
  • Effective questioning and 1:1 dialogue
  • Accelerated learning strategies paired talk, mini whiteboards, thinking time
  • Effective use of success criteria
  • Choice and learning freedoms for children
  • Real problem solving opportunities

• That we teach them what they don’t know – accurate use of all assessment opportunities:

  • Who is at risk of underachievement and what are you doing for them?
  • Who are your most able and what are you doing for them?
  • What are the next steps for children to be working on?
  • AfL (How are you adjusting your teaching)
  • Orange and green – Who? Why? So what? What next = Orange time/fix it time

• Effective use of resources to maximise learning:

  • TAs
  • ICT
  • Outdoors
  • Practical apparatus to teach and reinforce concepts

• Celebrate success and the progress children make

How will we know we’re successful?

The children will make good progress because they are engaged, motivated and independent learners who have been taught exactly what they need to know.