Random Acts of Kindness

Our value for December is Happiness.  We will be focusing on random acts of kindness.

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Monday 5th December: 

  • Thomas M for inviting another Aresti to sit next to him at lunchtime.
  • Caden for tidying up the classroom and helping the teacher without being asked!
  • A member of staff who has been ill received a note to say “welcome back – we missed you”
  • Josh L, James C and Archie B helped Kevin set up and clear the sandwich hall.

Wedneday 7th December:

  • Archie G for taking Mrs Leyshon-Brady’s dinner plate to the kitchen with out being asked.
  • Elisha P for saying how nice Mrs Younmans new hair style was.
  • Josh A for tidying up all the muddy shoes after a pe lesson with out being asked.

Friday 8th December:

  • Brandon B and Caden W for handing out biscuits they made
  • Caden W for holding the door open for a Teacher.
  • Cai W helped Mrs Pittard pick up a box of crayons that she had dropped with out being asked.