Kilvrough Update

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Parents of Year 6 Who knew that South Wales in November could be rainy? It’s been pouring down almost non-stop since Year Six arrived at Kilvrough at 12pm yesterday, but it certainly hasn’t dampened our spirits as we’ve all had … Continued

Kilvrough 2016: Day Two

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Today has been a very enjoyable and rewarding (not forgetting tiring!) day. The teachers were very happy with the sensible nature in which children got to sleep last night and the way the duty group served the delicious breakfast and … Continued

Kilvrough: Day 1

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Things we learned from Day One at Kilvrough: All of your children are able to make their own bed! It is possible to have a pleasant, smooth, three-hour coach journey with 55 children. Year Six children at Millbrook School know … Continued

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