Millbrook’s curriculum intent is to develop resilient, resourceful, reflective, responsible learners. Independent individuals whose unique characteristics are recognised and nurtured and whose capabilities are developed to their full potential.

This is achieved by providing a curriculum which:

  • Encourages learners’ participation in deciding what is learnt and how;
  • Develops learning skills and encourages learners to apply these across the curriculum;
  • Is broad, outward-looking, inspiring and challenging;
  • Celebrates diversity;
  • Includes a broad range of experiences and enrichment activities;
  • Develops understanding of the world beyond the school and a positive vision of individual and collective future purpose within it.

The Early Years Foundation Stage


The Early Years Foundation Stage covers children’s development from birth to the end of their first year in school. The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum covers six key areas:

– Personal, Social and Emotional Development
– Communication and Language
– Mathematics
– Understanding of the world
– Physical Development
– Literacy
– Expressive Arts and Design

Our nursery offers a warm and welcoming environment for your child. There is a wide range of resources; well-planned activities and scope for adventurous and imaginative play both indoors and outdoors.



The purpose of our Foundation Stage is to give every one of our children the best start in life because it is vital for early positive experiences to impact on children’s future chances. Children are encouraged to learn actively, through exploration, play and conversations and their learning takes place inside and outside.

In our Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1, to develop the children’s phonics and reading, we follow Letters and Sounds, with some resources from Jolly Phonics.

 Key Stages One and Two

Children follow the National Curriculum. The subjects covered are the core subjects of: English, Maths and Science, alongside the foundation subjects of Art and Design, Computing, Design and Technology, Geography, History, Music and PE.

At Millbrook Primary School we believe that children learn best when what they learn is real, relevant and linked to what they already know. We follow the National Curriculum through a creative approach, which is formalised into exciting and engaging topics that draw children into their learning. We also believe that children need to develop a variety of skills to prepare them for later life, and we teach these through this creative approach, and through other aspects of the school curriculum such as PSHCE and assemblies.

We try to ensure that topics start with a ‘wow’ or a hook that engages children, and that work towards a real product that children can share with their peers, teachers and parents. Wherever possible the national curriculum subjects are included and taught through each topic. Where this is not possible stand alone lessons, or sequences of lessons, are taught to ensure that children receive good coverage of the skills and knowledge they need.

We have subject coordinators, leading each area of the curriculum and there are agreed plans in place for each year group, showing progression. Co-ordinators are responsible for monitoring the delivery of their curriculum area, inspiring children with new and exciting resources and checking on the standards of the work delivered. Our whole school curriculum map, showing the themes we are covering, can be seen by clicking on the links below:

Year 1 Term 6 Year 2 Term 6
Year 3 Term 6 Year 4 Term 6
Year 5 Term 6 Year 6 Term 6

If you have a question about a particular subject, please contact the subject co-ordinator. Mrs Wheatley is the Inclusion Manager and can help with information about how work is differentiated for children of all abilities.

Subject Co-ordinator
EYFS Hayley Leyshon-Brady
KS1 Heidi Thorne (Maternity cover)
KS2 Richard Baish
SEN Heidi Thorne
PP Stella Wheatley
School Improvement
Maths Richard Baish
Science Myfanwy Jones
Art and DT Abi Baldry
Geography Richard Baish
History Becky Langley
PE Natasha Groves
PSHE Rosie Pollard
RE Komal Sanhotra
Primary Languages Laura Youngman
Clubs Sue Joyce
Pupil Leadership
Forces link Marion Betts
Teaching & Learning
Curriculum Kerry Cottrell