Kilvrough – Day 3

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What a fantastically busy day! The children have been a delight and have embraced their surroundings and activities with a good will and a smile. They have shown many of our Millbrook values today as for each of us to be successful, friendship and co-operation were definitely needed!


Groups A and D headed to the beach and body boarded. It was a great day for it, regarding the weather and the waves! Yes, some children made the odd “I’m cold” comment but battled on and spent the whole day splashing about in the rock pools or riding the waves back to the shore at high speed!


Groups B, C and E headed towards the Brecon Beacons and went caving. What an incredible experience this way and for some children, a rather scary one as it was completely outside of their comfort zones. Each child went and completed a range of caving activities, some even venturing through “the letterbox” and down into the water tunnel! Great fun was had by all and the children motivated, assisted and congratulated one another on their achievements, however big or small they were.


After a dinner of shepherds pie followed by a scrumptious helping of cake and custard we are ready to venture outdoors on a scavenger hunt around the grounds of the manor.