Kilvrough Day 4

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Day 4

Group A and B went to Southgate and scrambled across the rocks in the beautiful sunshine. After we arrived at the cliff face, everyone abseiled down to the bottom. Once we were there, there was only one way up… climbing! All the children supported each other by directing, belaying and encouraging. Fantastic teamwork shown by all.

Group C and D were lucky enough to go caving as the weather improved. When they arrived they all went through the letter box into the dark caves. Lots of fears were overcome and all the children completed the caves.

On the menu tonight was vegetable pizza and wedges. This was followed by hot apple crumble and custard! After the children had packed and cleaned their rooms, it was time for a visit to the shop and a  D I S C O. It was Rosie’s birthday so we all in enjoyed some cake (thank you very much for this) and then it was time for bed.

See you later today. We will keep you update with timings.