Head Teacher:          

Mrs Jane Ratcliffe

Head of School (Thursday&Friday)

Mrs Laura Youngman

Assistant Head Teachers:          

Mrs Hayley Leyshon-Brady

Mr Richard Baish

Early Years:

Foundation Stage 2:                       

Teacher:  Mrs Marion Betts

Nursery Nurse: Mrs Jo Rudzinska/Mrs Katheryn Houldey

Foundation Stage 1:      

Mrs Julie Catungal

Miss Rosie Meyer

Key Stage 1:

Year 1:    

Miss Abi Baldry

Miss Natasha Groves

Year 2:      

Mrs Heidi Thorne & Mrs Komal sanhotra

Miss Alisha Davies

Key Stage 2:

Year 3:    

Ms Myfanwy Jones

Miss Natalie Cadman

Year 4:       

Mrs Rosie Pollard

Mrs Katie Mallinson & Mrs Maja Pawlik

Year 5:         

Mr Richard Baish

Miss Eva Wong

Year 6:            

Miss Becky Langley

Mr Liam Hook

PPA Teacher:


Inclusion Leader:

Mrs Stella Wheatley

Office Staff:                                                               

Mrs Vicki Walker (Office Manager)

Mrs Kate Newcomb (Office Manager)

Mrs Jackie Cornick (Finance)

Mrs Lynn Coulson (Office Assistant)

Mrs Carolyn Liaromatis (SEN administrator)


Mr Kevin Ayres

Before & After School Care Club:

Mrs Diana Steptoe (Manager)

Mrs Kenna Cresswell; Mrs Kerry King; Mrs Tina Banham

Higher Level Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Jane Smith

Mrs Clair Taylor

Home School Link Worker

Mrs Sarah Kilminster


Miss Leanna Murby

Teaching Assistants:        

Mrs Tracey Beamont

Miss Alex Yates

Mrs Shelley Buchanan

Mrs Gill Cotton

Mrs Keron Hollier

Mrs Mandy Hinder

Mrs Amy Jackman (PP support and First Aid Coordinator)

Miss Shelly Woodley

Mrs Misa Milner

Mrs Carol Ridgway

Mrs Tania Smith

Mrs Robyn Walker

Lunchtime Supervisors:

Mrs Diana Steptoe,

Mrs Kim Smith, Mrs Sue Joyce,


Mrs Kim Breakspear,Mrs Kim Smith, Mr Reg Breakspear, Mr John Chronin

Kitchen Staff:  

Mrs Michelle Cross (Cook);

Mrs Janet Ingham,


If you have any queries please email the school office on office@millbrook.vale-academy.org or call 01235 764822