Year 3 Spellings

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Spellings Week beginning 29th April (to be tested next Tuesday 7th May )

Adding ‘ing’ and ‘ed’ to verbs following the rules:

If a word ends with a single vowel + a single consonant you need to double the final letter:

shop – shopping-shopped

If a word has a split vowel diagraph ( a-e, e-e, i-e, o-e, u-e) you remove the e before adding ‘ing’ or ‘ed

Bake-baking- baked

If a word has a double vowel ( oo, ai, ea..) or a double consonant ( lk, mb, ll) you just add ‘ing’ or ‘ed


Remember we did irregular past tense verbs last term

patting, clapping, cutting, digging, dragging, dropping, flapping, getting, grabbing, hopping, hugging, humming, letting, planning, running, shopping, skipping, spinning, stepping, wetting, winning, slipping, stopping,

skating, shaping, making. riding, biting, shaping, hoping, waving, sloping

raining, boating, spoiling, fighting, waiting, reading, falling, greeting, shouting,

     Give/gave, find/found, tell/told, become/became, leave/left, feel/felt, bring/brought, begin/began, keep/kept, hold/held, write/wrote, mean/meant, meet/met, run/ran, pay/paid, sit/sat, speak/spoke, lie/lay, grow/grew, understand/understood.

Tips for learning your spellings:

Look, cover, write check.

Look for the definitions online or using a dictionary.

Write sentences including the words.

Write the words in exciting ways, e.g. bubble writing, swirly writing etc.

Make flash cards.

These activities can last 10 minutes a day!